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Dr. Alexa Alborzi
Dr. Alexa Alborzi knows it's never too late to improve your greatest asset - your smile.

“Orthodontics should enhance an individual's smile and the function of the teeth. It's not about straight teeth, it's about creating a beautiful, natural smile and a well-balanced facial structure that lasts a lifetime.”
– Dr. Alexa Alborzi



If you always wanted a perfect smile, why not get one now?


A great smile builds confidence and self-esteem.

The alignment of your teeth can be changed at any age. Dr. Alexa Alborzi offers a variety of treatments that are ideal for busy adults. A wide, straight, beautiful smile will increase your confidence, and give you a better chance for success in everything that you do.

After practicing as a board-certified orthodontist in the Bay area for over 20 years, Dr. Alborzi understands the special needs of adults that are considering braces. She will be happy to work with you to find the option that best suits your goals, your lifestyle and your budget.

Experienced use of advanced technology ensures a beautiful, natural smile

Because she stays up to date with extensive additional training and practice, Dr. Alborzi offers adults treatment that will give you a beautiful, natural smile according to your own needs and schedule.

With Invisalign removable aligners, for example, you can remove your aligners to eat, brush, floss or attend important meetings. The aligners will still rapidly straighten your teeth. Because Dr. Alborzi has helped hundreds of patients get results with Invisalign, she can use this system to get results even in difficult cases.

With the Damon Brace system, Dr. Alborzi can use small, clear brackets to move your teeth and widen your jaw.  This very effective treatment, which will help even crowded smiles, has such a positive effect on patients' jaw lines that many adult patients happily refer to it as the "Damon Bracelift!'

Faster treatment with 3D Imaging

With advanced Ortho-Cad 3D Imaging technology, Dr. Alborzi can plan your new smile with exact precision, reducing your treatment time significantly.

Get a no-charge Orthodontic Consultation with Dr. Alborzi

Dr. Alborzi
Patient Rachelle Rossi is very happy she decided to get a consultation with

Dr. Alborzi.

Come in and see Dr. Alborzi for a no-charge consultation so she can determine the best treatment for you. Once she's examined your teeth, she can go over your personalized treatment plan, give you an estimated treatment time and let you know what the cost will be.




Call (650) 288-0316 to schedule your No-Charge Consultation with either our San Mateo Office or our Half Moon Bay Office or click here to schedule your No-Charge Consultation online.

Transform your smile with Invisalign clear aligners

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A popular alternative to braces Dr. Alborzi offers is the Invisalign "invisible" appliance, which is made of clear plastic and is barely detectable. The Invisalign system straightens the teeth using a series of clear, custom, removable aligners. Each aligner gradually shifts your teeth until the final alignment Dr. Alborzi prescribed is attained.

As an Elite Provider, Dr. Alborzi is one of the few orthodontists in the area with extensive experience using Invisalign and she is an Invisalign Elite Provider. She has successfully treated many types of conditions with various levels of severity, including patients who had been told that they were not candidates for Invisalign.

For more information Dr. Alborzi's Invisalign success, click here.

To view Dr. Alborzi's Invisalign Smile Gallery, click here.

With the Damon Bracket System, Dr. Alborzi can handle even difficult cases rapidly

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Dr. Alborzi is happy to offer this discrete and rapid brace system to her adult patients.

Using Damon Braces, Dr. Alborzi can treat many conditions including overcrowding without the need for extractions or headgear. Adults are pleased to find that Damon Braces have small, discreet brackets, and a typically shorter treatment time by an average of six months!

Many of Dr. Alborzi's adult patients have experienced what is being called the Damon ‘bracelift” due to the youthful appearance and dramatic transformations in their faces after treatment. Because the system creates more room in the mouth and actually widens the smile, Damon patients see a noticeable difference and improved facial structure.

To find out more about Dr. Alborzi's successes with Damon Braces, click here.

To view Dr. Alborzi's Damon Braces Smile Gallery, click here.

High-tech means faster treatment for you

Dr. Alborzi

Dr. Alborzi uses Ortho CAD IQ, a computer guidance technology that assists her to optimally place braces on your teeth.

This 3-D imaging system gives Dr. Alborzi a preview of what your straightened teeth will look like before your braces come off. Utilizing this hi-tech system, Dr. Alborzi can custom-fit your braces, which means that your overall treatment time will be reduced.

Acceledent® Aura with SoftPulse Technology® for faster orthodontic treatment

Acceledent Aura

This revolutionary new technology speeds up your orthodontic treatment time by emitting a safe pulse of light that stimulates your teeth roots and surrounding bone structure.

The Acceledent Aura with SoftPulse Technology accelerates the rate of cellular response, speeding up how fast your teeth move towards the desired position of alignment. When this technology is combined with orthodontic treatment, it has been clinically proven to straighten teeth up to 50% faster.

Call (650) 288-0316 to schedule your No-Charge Consultation with either our San Mateo Office or our Half Moon Bay Office or click here to schedule your No-Charge Consultation online.
Damon braces give your face a "bracelift."


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