Below you will find a number of articles that we have sent to peers in our field to illustrate success with cosmetic dentistry.

Is orthognathic surgery the only option to correct an openbite? Do we leave patients with an openbite, if the parents do not want surgery?

by Dr. Alborzi

The patient pictured below is not the only patient I have treated without surgery for openbite closure; however, I had some trepidation that I was pushing the envelope too far in this case.

As a result of combining the low forces of the Damon System with TADs (Temporary Anchorage Device, also known as Mini Screws), I present to you this amazing transformation – in less than two years (22 months)!


It is always a pleasure to serve the needs of your patients. Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you in the near future!

Why would my young child need an Early Orthodontic Treatment Evaluation?

by Dr. Alborzi

Often a clinical examination of a patient appears very normal; however, it may be hiding eruption pattern issues that are quite severe.

Allison presented to my office at age nine with a Class II Div 2 occlusion.  Her deep overbite was not ideal, but there was no major wear pattern.  My initial thought was she could possibly wait and perhaps be treated in one phase!

After taking a panoramic x-ray, I found her cuspids erupting between the lateral and central incisors.
Waiting to treat this issue at a later age would have been unfortunate.

I treatment planned Allison to correct her Class II with the Herbst appliance, simultaneously creating additional space for cupids.  The Oral Surgeon bonded a gold chain to the cuspids and I distalized them into position.


Allison’s Class II is now corrected; cuspids are erupting in normal position and there is no resorption of lateral incisor roots.  She will now be able to have a much simpler treatment in Phase II, possibly even utilizing Invisalign Teen!




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