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Welcome to Alborzi Orthodontics!

We're happy to meet you, and glad that you have chosen us to help you with your orthodontic needs.

Dr. Alborzi takes a different approach to the art of orthodontics. She is known for her expertise and success with non-surgical, gentle treatments.

Our team of highly-trained professionals provide caring service for kids, teens and adults in a fun, relaxed environment. Welcome to our practice and our family!

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What should I expect to happen at the first visit?

Materials that you will need to bring with you

Once you’ve made an appointment for the initial consultation, you’ll receive a packet of information including a health history form. You will need to complete this form at home and bring it with you to the consultation. At your first visit, we have set aside special time to address your thoughts and concerns regarding orthodontic treatment, so please allow about one hour for your first appointment.

When you arrive

When you arrive for your first appointment, you will be greeted at the front desk by our scheduling coordinator who will help you to sign in, and make sure that any necessary forms have been completed.

Next, you will see our treatment coordinator.  She will have digital photographs taken of your teeth and profile, including a Panorex x-ray, and she will review your health history, any current or potential orthodontic problems, and your concerns about your teeth or smile.

Examination by Dr. Alborzi

ExamMany of your questions will be answered after your initial exam with Dr. Alborzi.

Dr. Alborzi will then conduct a thorough examination of your face, mouth, teeth and jaws to determine the basic nature of your problem.

After this initial exam, we will be able to answer many of your questions, though not all. If orthodontic treatment is indicated at this time, Dr. Alborzi will need additional information to formulate an accurate treatment plan.

A complete set of diagnostic records will allow Dr. Alborzi to thoroughly diagnose and plan the personalized treatment you or your child will need. The records also serve as documentation of your teeth, lips and profile when treatment is initiated.

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Call (650) 288-0316 to schedule an appointment with either our San Mateo Office or our Half Moon Bay Office or click here to request an appointment online.

What diagnostic tools are typically needed for my treatment plan?

We will need a complete set of diagnostic orthodontic records (study models and X-rays) before we can have you back in for a second appointment. These diagnostic tools are straightforward and painless, but they are necessary to allow Dr. Alborzi to formulate a personal treatment plan that will exactly fit your needs and your treatment goals.

study moldDiagnostic study molds of your teeth

In our office, we will take molds of your teeth, from which plaster models are made. The diagnostic study models that Dr. Alborzi will need can usually be done immediately following the examination appointment, or if you prefer, you can return on another day to have the impressions taken.


The additional X-rays needed are taken at a modern X-ray laboratory in San Mateo - South San Francisco. If you have had a Panorex or full mouth X-ray taken in the last year, we will request a copy from your general dentist prior to your first appointment.

Panoramic X-rayA panoramic x-ray shows all of your teeth, even those that have not erupted.


cepalometic x-ray

A Cephalometic X-ray shows the

side of your face.

A Panorex X-ray shows your entire mouth. It reveals the position of both erupted and unerupted teeth, missing or extra teeth, the general condition of the bone and supporting tissue, as well as any possible decay. 

A Cephalometic X-ray, a picture of the side of your head, is also taken. It is traced and measured to illustrate the outline of the nose, lips and chin; how the upper and lower jaw is related to the head; and how the front teeth are related to the jaw.

Finally, we take Tomographic X-rays so that we can evaluate the health and position of the jaw joint prior to orthodontic treatment.


We will need to take a relaxed and a smiling frontal picture of your face, and a picture of your profile. The photos help Dr. Alborzi to evaluate facial balance and soft tissue contours. In addition, we will take intraoral photos. These photos in the mouth help us to evaluate the appearance and condition of the tooth enamel and gum tissues.

They will also give you a great way to look at your progress as you go through treatment.  These "before" pictures will help Dr. Alborzi make sure that you have excellent "after" pictures - like Molly's:

Molly before  Molly after

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The treatment plan appointment

ConsultationAll of your questions will be answered at your consultation appointment.

A treatment plan appointment is usually scheduled one to two weeks after all the records have been gathered. Once Dr. Alborzi reviews the diagnostic models and X-rays, she will thoroughly plan your orthodontic care and any treatment options that you should consider.

At the treatment plan appointment, our treatment coordinator will fully explain the nature and extent of your orthodontic needs, Dr. Alborzi's plan of treatment and the best timing of treatment.

This appointment is important because this is our opportunity to answer all of your questions and to help you feel comfortable with the orthodontic process and the treatment plan outlined for you or your child.

If Dr. Alborzi feels this is the right time to begin orthodontic treatment, then our treatment coordinator will also review the cost of treatment, payment arrangements available to you, the appliances that will be necessary for your treatment and our appointment scheduling procedures.

Call (650) 288-0316 to schedule an appointment with either our San Mateo Office or our Half Moon Bay Office or click here to request an appointment online.

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What if immediate treatment is not recommended at the treatment plan appointment?

If treatment is not indicated at this time, we will schedule a recall appointment for you to come back in 3-12 months. We will monitor your child’s growth and dental development so we can start your child’s orthodontic care at the best time.

Starting at the right time can minimize orthodontic treatment time and maximize our ability to use growth dental development to their orthodontic benefit. Typical reasons that we may not start immediately might be: waiting for the eruption of additional teeth, poor dental hygiene, the need for dental care or the need for a specialist consultation prior to initiating orthodontic treatment.

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How long is a typical orthodontic treatment?

The length of treatment varies from patient to patient. It depends on the severity of the bite, the degree of correction, your age, and the level of cooperation achieved. Most cases are completed between 18-24 months.

We are constantly reviewing treatment progress and welcome the opportunity to update you regarding you or your child’s treatment. Please don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Alborzi when you are in for your regularly scheduled appointment.

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ConsultationWe will all work together to make sure that you or your child get the most possible benefit from your orthodontic treatment.

What is my responsibility once the braces have been put on?

  1. Maintain regular dental checkups and cleanings with your general or pediatric dentist at least every six months.
  2. Keep your scheduled visits in our office as outlined by your treatment needs. (Usually, you need to be seen every 4-10 weeks to monitor progress, advance treatment and check oral hygiene.)
  3. Keep your teeth and gums healthy.
  4. Follow all instructions with regard to appliance wear.

Successful orthodontic treatment is a team effort: patients, parents, staff and the orthodontist working together. Excellent orthodontic results can only be achieved with cooperative and informed patients and parents. The rewards are a beautiful smile, healthy teeth and a glow of confidence.

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Call (650) 288-0316 to schedule an appointment with either our San Mateo Office or our Half Moon Bay Office or click here to request an appointment online.
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