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Damon Braces Smile Gallery

  • Other doctors told Rachelle that she needed extractions or surgery to correct her smile, but Dr. Alborzi knew that she could correct it with Damon Braces advanced technology.
  • Rachelle is now so very happy with her beautiful, full smile!
  • Before Dr. Alborzi used Damon Braces, Cheri's teeth were overcrowded and twisted.
  • Now Cheri loves to smile. Her teeth are straight and perfect, and she looks younger thanks to her Damon "Bracelift."
  • Molly and her parents were very concerned about her crooked, misaligned teeth, and Dr. Alborzi determined that she was a good candidate for early treatment with gentle Damon Braces.
  • After Damon Braces, Molly has a beautiful, straight, full smile. And she needed no extractions, and no surgery!
  • Dr. Alborzi used Damon Braces to correct Cindy's crooked and misaligned teeth.
  • After Damon Braces, Cindy's smile is beautiful, and she looks years younger.
  • Dr. Alborzi used Damon Braces to correct Brian's crooked and misaligned teeth.
  • Now Brian's smile is straight and wide.
  • Dr. Alborzi has been working with Augie for 4 years to correct his extreme overbite.
  • Augie's smile and his face have been transformed.
  • Dr. Alborzi used Damon braces to help Casey with his overbite.
  • Rapid treatment with Damon Braces advanced technology gave Casey his perfect smile!
  • Yamoto needed Damon Braces to fix his bite.
  • Damon Braces gave Yamoto a great new smile!

Invisalign Smile Gallery

  • Case 1: Dr. Alborzi used Invisalign to align her teeth and eliminate the front gap that this patient didn't like.
  • Case 2: Dr. Alborzi was able to use Invisalign to correct this patient's anterior bite, and give her a straight, healthy smile.
  • Case 3: By correcting anterior crowding with Invisalign, Dr. Alborzi gave this patient a wide, beautiful smile.
  • Case 4: Dr. Alborzi used Invisalign to correct this patient's midline gap.
  • Case 5: Dr. Alborzi used Invisalign to improve this patient's smile.
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