Testimonials from Patients and Parents

Dr. Alexa Alborzi has successfully treated hundreds of patients, helping them to straighter, brighter smiles comfortably and quickly. Here are some of their stories.

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Rachelle Rossi
Rachelle Rossi loves her new smile.

“With Dr. Alborzi, I didn’t need jaw surgery or extractions. And my teeth are perfect!"

“Before coming to Dr. Alborzi, I went to two other orthodontists. One told me she could not work on my teeth because my case was too “complicated.” The other orthodontist told me if I wanted to have perfect teeth I would need jaw-surgery or if I opted not to do that I would need extractions but my overbite would never fully close.

“With Dr. Alborzi, I didn’t need jaw surgery or extractions. And my teeth are perfect!

“I can’t put into words how happy I am with my new smile!  It truly has changed my life, and I feel like a new, more confident person.

“Dr. Alborzi uses the Damon System which allowed my teeth to become straight and perfect without surgery or extractions. The other orthodontists used older, traditional braces.

“I am so grateful to have found Dr. Alborzi. She and her entire staff have made a huge impact on my life.  They are the nicest people and have treated me so well over the past two years of my treatment.

“So thank you Dr. Alborzi and every single person at Alborzi Orthodontics for giving me the opportunity to have a beautiful smile and the confidence I longed for!”

— Rachelle Rossi, Patient

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Arlene and Ariana Davies with dr. Alborzi
Ariana and her mom, Arlene, arrive for treatment.

“I completely trust Dr. Alborzi and her team."

“When I realized that my daughter, Ariana, needed to get braces, our family dentist highly recommended Dr. Alborzi.  As soon as we met both her and her staff, we knew we made the right choice! 

"Dr. Alborzi and her team are professional, friendly, courteous, intelligent and very welcoming. 

“My daughter instantly felt comfortable with everyone and was very happy to get her new braces! Since then she looks forward to every follow-up visit. 

"I completely trust Dr. Alborzi and her team and definitely recommend that anyone in need of orthodontial work call her immediately.”

—Arlene Davies, Mother

Augie Kramer with Dr. Alborzi
Dr. Alborzi makes sure Augie Kramer's treatment is going well.

“The caring atmosphere is always consistent, and a pleasure to experience."

“My son Augie has been a patient of Dr. Alborzi for about 4 and a half years. He had a fairly severe over-bite and Dr. Alborzi took a slow and careful approach to straightening it.


"The office staff and the caring atmosphere, as well as the professionalism, is always consistent and a pleasure to experience."

—Neill Kramer, Father

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Karen Yee with Dr. Alborzi
Dr. Alborzi discusses her treatment plan with Dr. Karen Yee.

“When it came time for me to undergo orthodontic treatment, there was no question about where I would go."

“Dr. Alborzi has been a respected professional colleague for ten years.  We attended the same dental university and have a very compatible philosophy of practice and patient care.

“Dr. Alborzi has provided orthodontic are for a number of patients whom I have referred. They have all been well cared for and have had excellent treatment results.

"One experience that has been a highlight for me involves dear family friends. When their precious, adopted daughter arrived, she had complex orthodontic needs.  She was told by multiple orthodontists that she would need invasive jaw surgery. When I approached Dr. Alborzi with this situation, she was willing to consider non-surgical alternatives. My friend is not a teenager, has had significant success in her treatment, and has not had any surgery.

“When it came time for me to undergo orthodontic treatment, there was no question about where I would go. Dr. Alborzi and her staff extend excellent, thorough care with great attention to detail. They are up-to-date with the latest technology and treatment options. They have been accommodating and available for all my orthodontic needs. I am very grateful for the care I am receiving from Dr. Alborzi and her staff team."

—Dr. Karen Yee, Dentist and Patient

Kim CresciMateo Cresci
Kim Cresci with son, Mateo.

“Our goal was to have our kids treated in the best environment and we feel completely successful in our endeavor."

“Our family has enjoyed many years working with Dr. Alborzi and the entire staff.  It’s wonderful to have a doctor take care of us with such details in mind.

“We really appreciate the technology Dr. Alborzi brings to traditional ortho care. Our goal was to have our kids treated in the best environment and we feel completely successful in our endeavor.

"Thank you Dr. Alborzi and staff!"

—Kim Cresci, Mother

Kellie Custino with Consuelo.
Consuelo helps Kellie Custino with digital xrays.

“The Damon Braces worked beautifully and my daughter had a whole new smile in less than one year.  It was easy and painless."

“My two daughters and I are all patients of Dr. Alborzi.  We had heard great things about Damon Braces and she was the only orthodontist in our area to use this most recent technology.

“After meeting with her, we were thrilled to find out that my daughter, who had a crossbite, overbite and crooked teeth, would be able to go without the terrible metal expander in her palette.  The Damon braces worked beautifully and she had a whole new smile in less than one year.  It was easy and painless.

“The office staff is upbeat, friendly and very organized.  The facility is extremely clean. We highly recommend Dr. Alborzi for your orthodontic needs.”

—Kellie Custino, Patient and Mother

“I can't say enough about Dr. Alborzi and her staff, their detail to customer service, friendly environment, and professionalism compare to the type of service one would receive shopping at Nordstrom."

"If you're looking for a "Great" Orthodontist then look no further, and entrust your dental care to Dr. Alborzi and her staff, you won't be disappointed. Once again, thank you for all the care our daughter received from you and your staff, her teeth are absolutely "Fantastic" and all of us couldn't be happier.”

– Maria N.

"Dr. Alborzi is caring, compassionate, and has amazing professionalism and integrity."

"We sought out Dr. Alborzi when we began to suspect that our daughter was having sleep apnea related to her bite and palate development.

"We had this same issue almost 20 years ago with my now 26 year old daughter. With our adult daughter we endured the torture (for our daughter AND myself) of RPE (rapid palate expanders) that required a key to crank/expand our daughters palate. She endured weeks of migraines and tears. This was followed by 12 months in braces and then 4 years later, at 13 yrs old, an additional 6 (yes, 6 years!) of braces.

"My adult daughter now says that she loves her smile; but remembers EVERY excruciating moment of the treatment. She implored us to seek out another method to help her little sister.

"Dr. Alborzi was wonderful...Marley totally loves her and the staff. They have systematically developed a reward system that motivates and encourages Marley to persevere through the painful initial process AND maintain proper hygienic processes to maximize results.

"I have 6 children and have had only one other health care provider personally call and check on a child after treatment. My son required a large amount of anesthesia for a procedure....the dentist admitted he was worried about his malpractice insurance.

"Dr. Alborzi, on the other hand, called the night my daughter’s braces were put on to check on her and encourage her.

"That same day, I met another parent in San Mateo who went to another orthodontist for his sons RPE system....we compared cost and term of treatment....we clearly came out on top....and this father was already trying to figure out payment of phase two of treatment for his son in 3 years.

"Dr. Alborzi is caring, compassionate, and has amazing professionalism and integrity. I HIGHLY recommend her and encourage you to take her up on the free consultation if you even suspect that your child has a potential problem."

– Rhonda W., Mother

"The attention to detail and excellence is reassuring."

"Our experience at this office has been exceptional. The attention to detail and excellence is reassuring. Dr. Alborzi's commitment to high quality care is impressive.

"The staff is friendly and fun! Communication with our daughter is incredible—direct, accurate, yet understanding…an amazing support to us.

"Thank you!"

– Carina & Vikki Fiorenza, Patient & Mother

"I'm very happy with my results!"

“I'm sure that no orthodontic treatment is without its challenges and some degree of discomfort, but the Alborzi Team helped make it all worth while for me; with an upbeat, friendly staff and with nice office touches like the contests, free cookies and fish to admire in the lobby!

"I'm very happy with my results, too, and would recommend this place to anybody!"

– Karen Salazar, Patient

"I was pleasantly surprised at how much I didn't mind wearing braces."

"As an adult having to go through braces again, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I didn't mind wearing them. I felt like I was in good hands, which made the whole experience really fun and great!

"I would do it all over again. I never had a problem scheduling appointments and everyone was always pleasant.

"Thank you, Dr. Alborzi!"

– Lori Pessah, Patient

"We are forever indebted to them for... restoring our daughter's confidence."

"Dr. Alborzi and her staff are wonderful. Their undeterred dedication and their commitment to excellence is not only reassuring, but also very admirable.

"For three years they have taken great care of our daughter, and their kindness is truly unparalleled. We are forever indebted to them for providing such a great service and also for restoring our daughter's confidence. We appreciate it a lot!"

– Bianca & Mae Canares, Patient and Mother

"Dr. Alborzi is an artist and a scientist!"

"My husband and I are thrilled with our result from Dr. Alborzi. We are one of the many couples that decided to get braces together. We both had crossbites, I had crowding issues, he needed a gap made for a tooth implant, and our teeth were just crooked all over. We never imagined such a fine result could be realized.

"Dr. Alborzi uses the latest technology available. If you have an orthodontist that suggests removing teeth, PLEASE seek out Dr. Alborzi. I'm so happy that even though with my crowding issue, I have all my teeth and a great result. I have since met several people who have had braces recently and required teeth extraction, and their palates and smiles are oddly small. Please get a second opinion, a tooth extraction is forever. I also met some people with braces whose orthodontists are still using rubber bands around the brackets to hold in the wires! This is old school, and takes much longer to get a good result.

"Orthodontia is an art and a science. Dr. Alborzi is an artist and a scientist! She is open to collaboration. Please ask her or her staff any questions you may have during the treatment and you will get good answers and all your concerns will be addressed. There are lots of kids and adults in her waiting room getting treatment, she's great with children. Dr. A worked closely with our dentist, she's a great collaborator with the other doctors you may need for your teeth and healthcare.

"The "A" team, as I like to call them, is magic at scheduling. Our appointments have always started on time. I also appreciate that she has fish in her waiting room. I love to look at the little fish, they are so cute. Thank you Dr. A. We really appreciate you!"

– Elma, San Mateo Patient

"She makes the smile fit the face."

"I have been very pleased with the results provided by Dr. Alborzi. She is a master of producing a wonderful arch form with the teeth nicely in alignment. She makes the smile fit the face.

"Other practitioners routinely leave anterior open bites in order to finish their cases earlier or do not include second molars, which come erupt and introduce occlusal disharmony. I believe that Dr. Alborzi routinely finishes cases as well as they can be done, and that is saying a lot."

– Local General Dentist

"Thank you for providing us with great service."

"Dr. Alborzi and staff are very professional, from the front office where it starts,to the finish line. Personalities are great!

"Thank you for providing us with great service. We appreciate it a lot!"

– Gary & Briana Ottoboni, Father and Patient

"You'll be smiling a lot more after coming here!"

"This is a great place for adults to get their teeth straightened with Invisalign. The environment is relaxing and comfortable, the staff is friendly and efficient and Dr. Alborzi is very competent with a nice “chairside” manner.

"You can see and follow your treatment course online so there are no surprises. You'll be smiling a lot more after coming here."

– Vince Siminitus, Patient

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