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I had crooked teeth.  It was easy to find Dr. Alborzi.  Her office was different, it was clean, professional and welcoming.  I realized that her treatment plan for me was working to solve my problem as I became more and more comfortable smiling in photos. Life looks amazing now that my smile is transformed!


best san mateo ca orthodontist


My son’s teeth were a wreck! Crowded, bad bite, etc.  When I was trying to find an Orthodontist it felt confusing.  Dr. Alborzi’s office was different, the staff were very friendly, responsive, communicative and I loved the approach. Also, I was able to schedule an initial appointment in a reasonable time. Gradually we saw the changes and were happy with them, we had great confidence in Dr. Alborzi.  Now that his smile is transformed it’s amazing!  His smile is handsome and I can see his confidence and pride.  He is wearing his retainers diligently on his own and I am thrilled to report he is FLOSSING!  A 14 year old BOY!! Never thought it would happen on his own.


best san mateo ca orthodontist


I wanted to handle my crooked teeth.  We found Dr. Alborzi’s office to be very professional, with a good reputation of excellent service, always.  The moment I realized my treatment plan with Dr. Alborzi was actually working to solve my problem was so exciting, I now feel much more confident.  The way my smile is transformed is amazing.  It feels like a miracle.


best san mateo ca orthodontist



I had a problem because my teeth had moved after I finished wearing braces during my earlier years.  My son was a patient with Dr. Alborzi already and I saw that the practice was very patient-centric.  Each time I changed my Invisalign Aligners I could see the improvement in my teeth.  I no longer have to worry about shifting teeth.


best san mateo ca orthodontist


Alborzi Orthodontics!  What can I say?  After MAJOR FEAR of dentists and living with my crooked teeth until the age of 50 years old,  Dr. Alexa Alborzi and the entire staff have changed my life in a very powerful way.  Overcoming my fear and obstacles, I found new confidence and beauty in my life with my new beautiful smile.  I never expected the results I got and thank you so much for everything!

Mary C.

best san mateo ca orthodontist


I originally went to another orthodontist to start treatment. His price point was similar to Dr Alborzi’s for Invisalign, but he wanted to remove one of my permanent bottom front teeth before beginning treatment! Then I went to see Dr. Alborzi, and she said that wasn’t necessary. Now I’m on aligner 25/35 and my teeth look amazing with no pulling teeth needed (and my bottom teeth were super crowded before). Dr. Alborzi is very friendly, and everyone on staff is always kind and seems happy to be at work.

Kylie san mateo ca orthodontist


ACCELEDENT WORKS and is worth every penny!!!!

I’ll make this short and sweet. I got traditional metal braces and my treatment was to take about 12 months. I expressed that I wasn’t happy about how long it was going to take. They recommended that I consider purchasing the AcceleDent device. I thought it was a scam, a money-maker, a waste of money. But, my pride and self-image took over my brain and I bought it. Wow, I am so glad that I did! It absolutely works. I used it several times a week for 20 minutes at a time and 8 MONTHS LATER MY BRACES CAME OFF! It cut my treatment time by 30%! I only wonder if I could have cut even more time off if I had used it every night.

The staff is incredible (love ya, Julia), the service is simply the best and it all starts at the top with Dr. Alborzi, who is the consummate professional and working at the top of her game everyday. Will continue to recommend…with a huge smile every time.

Jon san mateo ca orthodontist


The staff here is fantastic. They’re friendly, professional, and incredibly quick to answer all needs. On top of that, Dr. Alborzi and all the practitioners/assistants know what they’re doing and do so confidently. The consistent warm and smiling greetings coupled with the excellent care isn’t all. They have a rewards program which honestly (and surprisingly) really motivates me to keep up my dental hygiene. This practice gets my highest regards.

John san mateo ca orthodontist


Very nice staff! Gives you the best treatment options given your tolerance level, and does it with the minimal amount of useless teeth extractions! If you don’t like extractions but want the best, this is the best place to get braces! Don’t listen to others who make you have so many teeth extractions! There might just be a better alternative! Try here!

You might not get to see Dr. Alborzi every time but that is perfectly fine! All other staff are very skilled too and they give you the best attention!

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I’ve personally worked in the dental field for 26 years, but never in orthodontics, so I was unsure of what I should do clinically for my lil’ darling….My daughter age 8 has a few wacky teeth growing in twisty-backwards on the upper front. Her pediatric dentist told me she didn’t have issues with crowding or her bite so I had originally decided in my mind to wait until she had all her permanent teeth to move forward with braces. Until one day she came home from school in tears because some bully in class teased her about her “snaggle tooth!” Feeling awful, I brought her to Dr. Alborzi to discuss possible options for a mild phase 1 style of braces on the upper only to correct her smile, and then retain until all her permanents come in.

Dr. Alborzi and her team could not have been more professional and excelled in every way. My daughter absolutely feel in love from the minute we were welcomed. We were given a tour, everyone listened to our concerns and took time to answer all our questions. They took complimentary digital photos (super easy peasy!) and went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable with our treatment options.

One of my favorite things about Dr. Alborzi is that she uses a DAMON braces system, which is different than old school braces. It is MUCH less painful than the traditional style and these braces do not require rubber bands (though they can still do for fun for kids) and way less bracing on the back molars, makes for easier cleaning! The adjustments are way less often and it works in just as fast of time! I’ll update my review when my daughter is done with her course of treatment….they predict 10 months.

My daughters favorite part so far is the super cool rewards card they gave her on her first visit and she can log on the website and play games, earn rewards points and cash the points in for prizes like toys r us gift cards, etc. Bonus for her!!

I’m honestly thrilled to have met an orthodontist and team that I feel I can trust entirely with my daughters smile and overall health. They provided me a sense of incredible knowledge, while using the finest technology and treating us warm –like family!

A few extra awesome bits of info— Dr Alborzi said that once all of my daughters permanent teeth come in – a few years down the line, she can do Invisalign on her! They do Invisalign for teens and tweens too! Not just adults! So she doesn’t have to rock a metal mouth in high school! Double triple Plus!!!

I am literally counting down the days until my daughter doesn’t have to worry about the ugly bully at school calling her a snaggle tooth ever again thanks to Dr. Alborzi and her awesome office full of wonderful ladies!

Nik san mateo ca orthodontist


As a business professional, time and customer service is very important to me, which means I have a low tolerance for a misuse of my time and mediocre service. At Dr. Alborzi’s office, it is clear that they are working together as a team, they care about their clients and know that quality time with their clients is important and that the client’s time is valuable, too. From the receptions area where you are warmly greeted and welcomed, to how quickly you are received into your appointment, Dr. Alborzi and her team are a top-notch group of professionals who clearly care about the client experience, the efficacy of their work on their clients teeth and the quality of their work. Keep up the good work!


Marcus Miller

P.S. – I have rarely even been able to enjoy your lovely reception area, since you guys are so on the ball…I never have to wait! By the way, my smile has never looked better. Thank you!

Marcus san mateo ca orthodontist


I can’t argue the best! It is simply the BEST. Amazing service from everyone on the staff! Fabulous results for both my kids and myself. A+

K san mateo ca orthodontist


I love this office, the staff, entire team are always really nice, attentive and contagiously friendly.

Dr. Alborzi is great at what she does. I got my Invisalign here…I found this office through Groupon. With or without the Groupon deal, Dr. Alborzi is worth every penny. She is a true professional and savvy business woman.

After I was done and completed my aligners, I recieved a very nice note from ther RDA, Pedro. It was a very warm touch; customer service like that goes a LOOONGG way. I will miss this office

Thank you Dr. Alborzi office for helping me with my smile, I can smile even bigger and brighter now 🙂

Kara san mateo ca orthodontist


My teeth weren’t that bad to start with, so it’d be unfair to say that I was a difficult case or that I couldn’t have gotten great results from another qualified orthodontist. My husband, however, was an EXTREMELY difficult case, and his case alone would be enough for me to give Dr. Alborzi five stars. His success was the reason I went in for braces at all.

So first, my husband’s experience. In short, his teeth were awful. He was advised by another orthodontist that he would need to have many teeth removed, have his upper jaw cracked open and reset, have braces, with headgear, for years, and still might have residual TMJ and not a great result (a small smile, for one). Dr. Alborzi said none of that stuff was necessary. She put him in Damon Braces for, I think, 18 months, and he now has a normal smile. No teeth pulled. No jaw cracking. No TMJ. Just an overall beautiful result with very little pain. Phenomenal.

After my babies were a little more self-reliant, I went in and got fitted for Invisalign. I had a cross-bite and some crookedness as well as very mild TMJ. For me, it was about 9 months. My teeth are gorgeous now. Perfect. After my first round of aligners, they looked pretty good, and she would have let me stop there. But my hubby said I should push for better, because the spacing was still a bit off in a couple of places. So Dr. Alborzi filed me down a little more, then had me do 6 additional aligners. No additional cost. So I’d say, if you’re not totally happy with your result (and you’re being reasonable!) then ask if anything can be improved. I am thrilled with my result now.

Dr. Alborzi has a lot of experience with Invisalign and can get good results on people that other orthos might not be willing to do, so if you have a borderline case and have been told no, I’d definitely try her first. But even if you’re not a good fit for Invisalign, Damon is also a fantastic type of braces, and she did a phenomenal job with that on my husband as well. I will definitely be bringing my children who need braces to her, without any reservations.

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We sought out Dr. Alborzi when we began to suspect that our daughter was having sleep apnea related to her bite and palate development. We had this same issue almost 20 years ago with my now 26 year old daughter. With our adult daughter we endured the torture (for our daughter AND myself) of RPE (rapid palate expanders) that required a key to crank/expand our daughters palate. She endured weeks of migraines and tears. This was followed by 12 months in braces and then 4 years later at 13 yrs old an additional 6 (yes, 6 years!) of braces. My adult daughter now says that she loves her smile; but remembers EVERY excruciating moment of the treatment. She implored us to seek out another method to help her little sister.

Dr. Alborzi was wonderful…Marley totally loves her and the staff. They have systematically developed a reward system that motivates and encourages Marley to preserve through the painful initial process AND maintain proper hygienic processes to maximize results.

I have 6 children and have had only one other health care provider personally call and check on a child after treatment. My son required a large amount of anesthesia for a procedure….the dentist admitted he was worried about his malpractice insurance. Dr. Alborzi, on the other hand, called the night my daughters braces were put on to check on her and encourage her. That same day, I met another parent in San Mateo who went to another orthodontist for his sons RPE system….we compared cost and term of treatment….we clearly came out on top….and this father was already trying to figure out payment of phase two of treatment for his son in 3 years.

Dr. Alborzi is caring, compassionate, and has amazing professionalism and integrity. I am a woman of faith and respect anyone who has convictions. I believe Dr. Alborzi is a woman of conviction and has never tried to interject her personal beliefs on me or my family. But she obviously lives her convictions in her care for and of her patients. I HIGHLY recommend her and encourage you to take her up on the free consultation if you even suspect that your child has a potential problem.

Rhonda san mateo ca orthodontist


Alborzi Orthodontics is our first experience of orthodontics in the US and we have been very impressed. Our son, aged 9, was extremely anxious but right from the very start, both Daniela and Dr. Alborzi made every effort to make him feel more relaxed.

As well as putting him at ease, the initial consultation was very thorough and the suggested plan of action was explained very simply and clearly to both me and my son. We also received a written summary and pictures which meant we could go over it with him again as questions arose and my husband, who hadn’t attended the appointment, felt fully informed.
As anticipated after the great start, the initial fitting also exceeded all expectations. Hellene and Dr. Asghari again were great, putting my son at ease immediately and encouraging him all the way through the two hour fitting. Information about after care was once more very thorough and, despite initial discomfort, he’s had no problems so far which I believe is in part due to the fact that he knows exactly what is going on in his mouth and why.

We’re only a couple of months into treatment but so far we couldn’t have asked for more. The patient is the priority at every turn, even down to the little touches like postcards from the staff, praising good behavior during an appointment, to the rewards system that continues throughout treatment. I’m sure our son’s dental hygiene has never been so rigorous in search of those reward points! That and the fact his brothers are actually jealous that they don’t need braces yet to me speaks volumes!

Gill san mateo ca orthodontist


My daughter Izabella Cervantes just got her braces put on by Dr. Alborzi! We are really happy with the DR and her staff. Everyone is so friendly!

Lydia san mateo ca orthodontist


Let me start by saying I completely trust Dr. Alborzi and definitely recommend that anyone in need of orthodontic work call her immediately! Dr. Alborzi and her staff are professional, friendly, courteous, intelligent and extremely welcoming–they definitely go out of their way to make their patients feel comfortable while giving the best possible care!

My daughter has been a patient for well over a year and I am so glad we decided to go with Dr. Alborzi for her dental care! 🙂

Arlene san mateo ca orthodontist


My husband and I are thrilled with our result from Dr. Alborzi. We are one of the many couples that decide to get braces together. We both had crossbites, I had crowding issues, he needed a gap made for a tooth implant, and our teeth were just crooked all over. We never imagined such a fine result could be realized.

Dr. Alborzi uses the latest technology available. If you have an orthodontist that suggest removing teeth, PLEASE seek out Dr. Alborzi. I’m so happy that even though with my crowding issue, I have all my teeth and a great result. I have since met several people who have had braces recently and required teeth extraction, and their palates and smiles are oddly small. Please get a second opinion, a tooth extraction is forever. I also met some people with braces whose orthodontists are still using rubber bands around the brackets to hold in the wires! This is old school, and takes much longer to get a good result.

Orthodontia is an art and a science. Dr. Alborzi is an artist and a scientist! She is open to collaboration. Please ask her or her staff any questions you may have during the treatment, and you will get good answers and all your concerns will be addressed. There are lots of kids and adults in her waiting room getting treatment, she’s great with children. Dr. A worked closely with our dentist, she’s a great collaborator with the other doctors you may need for your teeth and healthcare.

The “A” team, as I like to call them, is magic at scheduling. Our appointments have always started on time.

I also appreciate that she has fish in her waiting room. I love to look at the little fish, they are so cute. Thank you Dr. A. We really appreciate you!

Elle san mateo ca orthodontist


I did an initial consultation and I wanted braces, so they immediately went to work. They used the type that uses a replaceable wire…so it was uncomfortable for the day and not a week as my teeth were aligning. Interestingly, I just read some reviews about the Scientology comment “after” I elected to be a patient and I’m surprised to read those comments. Never once did she ask about my political or religious views. At any rate, she does care about her patients and I had the pleasure of being seen by her assistant Consulo. She is a very humorous person and I did enjoy her company and the care she added while doing the adjustments. You may always ask and consult with Dr. Alborzi to re-adjust the brackets at any time. I did because it seemed to me to be a bit off and she reset mine without batting an eye.

Although I missed 1 appointment and a few late ones over a 2.75 year course, they were always cordial and professional about it(they also did not charge a late fee).

They give out tokens for each visit and you can trade them in for cool little prizes. You are rewarded with tokens if you maintain good oral hygiene and I collected them for my children:) I even won a prize at one of her raffles (an iPad)!

My teeth are straight (I love showing them), and I have a few more followup visits. I actually didn’t want her to take the braces off, but I’m happy to say I love what she did to my teeth!

Chris san mateo ca orthodontist


I can’t say enough about Dr. Alborzi and her staff, their detail to customer service, friendly environment, and professionalism compare to the type of service one would receive shopping at Nordstrom. If you’re looking for a “Great” Orthodontist then look no further, and entrust your dental care to Dr. Alborzi and her staff, you won’t be disappointed. Once again, thank you for all the care our daughter received from you and your staff, her teeth are absolutely “Fantastic” and all of us couldn’t be happier.

Maria san mateo ca orthodontist


Dr. Alborzi and her entire staff are amazing! I should know because I had gone to TWO orthodontists before I settled for Dr. Alborzi which I’m so thankful I did.

I am 22 years old and had braces for a little less than two years. They are off now, and I love my smile more than anything! Its perfect and I cant stop smiling! Which I never use to do before braces, ever! I was very self conscious.

Going back to the subject of the TWO orthodontists I went to before, all I can say is what a catastrophe! One ortho just blatantly told me she could not work on me because my case was too complicated. She told me she took my case to other specialists and they didn’t even know what to do!…The second ortho told me if I wanted my teeth to be perfectly straight I would need jaw surgery (UM NO THANK YOU). If I chose not to opt for jaw surgery I could still get braces, but my over bite wouldn’t go down all the way. OR I could get teeth extracted (WHICH, if you’ve done any research, that can distort the way your face looks). SO finally I went to Dr. Alborzi and it was a miracle!….I have perfect teeth, my overbite is completely gone and GUESS WHAT!?..I didn’t need jaw surgery OR extractions!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Alborzi uses Damon braces, which is newer technology that other orthos don’t use! (The two I went to before used the older traditional braces and look…they couldn’t work on me correctly!) She also does Invisalign and all that.

The main reason I went to her was because I heard she could work out any kind of payment plan and me being a college student with no money needed some way to pay bc I was DETERMINED to get braces. Little did I know I was choosing the best Ortho ever!!! SHE IS SSSSOOOOO NICE! Her entire staff are sweethearts and they are always so positive!

She’s cool too, you get tokens (I’m obviously older than the kids that go in but its still fun) if your on time and at the end u can trade them in for prizes! Like gift cards, tickets to games, ipods..etc. They also give u a balloon and sparkling cider and sing u a song when u get your braces off!! lol Im a dork so I like that stuff!

I WOULD RECOMMEND (AND HAVE) DR. ALBORZI TO ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me…you will not be disappointed!

Shell san mateo ca orthodontist


Dr. Alborzi and her entire staff are absolutely wonderful! I am so grateful and happy to have my 9-year old daughter under her care. We drive all the way from Palo Alto to see her but it’s worth the extra miles. After first visiting a very popular Palo Alto orthodontist, who recommended an absurd amount of treatment for my daughter, a friend suggested we contact Dr. Alborzi, based on her more gentle approach. The treatment Dr. Albrozi suggested was way less stressful and the results are already amazing after just a few months. We are thrilled!

Jennifer san mateo ca orthodontist


I’ve been going to Dr. Alborzi’s office for my Invisalign treatment and have been very pleased with the service. The team is very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend folks to go their if they need orthodontist work done.

Marie san mateo ca orthodontist


This is a great place for adults to get their teeth straightened with Invisalign. The environment is relaxing and comfortable, the staff is friendly and efficient, and Dr. Alborzi is very competent with a nice “chairside” manner. You can see and follow your treatment course on line so there are no surprises, You’ll be smiling a lot more after coming here.

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